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Handled the UI designs, including illustrations and brand aesthetics, as a key member of a cross-functional team comprising a project manager and three developers.


UI designer


Figma, Illustrator 


London, UK



Home page

Explore the different learning journeys


User Dashboard - logged out_0.2.png
User Dashboard - logged out_0.2.png
MOBILE_User Dashboard - logged out (1).png

Signup flow

Create a personalised learning journey


Learning journey dashboard

Tracking progress


Dashboard_journey dashboard.png

Lesson page

Experiencing the lesson in varying formats 


Podcast page

Discover unii's podcast


Podcast Episode Page.png
Podcast Home Page_ all podcasts.png
MOBILE_Podcast Home Page_ all podcasts (1).png

Experts page

Find out more about the experts of

the platform


Expert page.png
Expert page.png
MOBILE_Expert Page_Visitor.png

People stories page

Learn from other people's stories and

discover the impact of unii's had on them


Story Page.png
Stories Page_all stories.png
MOBILE_Story Page.png

Visual style


Artboard 2_4x.png
Artboard 4_4x.png
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